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Promotional Videography

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Promotional videos have become exceptionally popular with the convenience of fast wireless Internet, powerful mobile devices and businesses realizing that they can afford and use video with their marketing. These style of videos have adapted quickly to the habits of the modern viewer; short length videos, relevant information, engaging style and available where the viewer will be interested in viewing, and then ideally sharing the video with their social networks!

A critical distinction is that promotional videos are not advertisements like we would see on TV commercial breaks. With a promotional video, the choice to watch is with the viewer. The person is interested to see if the video will offer a solution to their problem and presses play. The promotional videos marketing therefore to suggest value up front. And if it doesn’t, the viewer can choose to stop viewing at any time, unlike TV or online video ads, which intrusively play without the viewer having control.

Promotional videos differ from instructional and educational videos in that they’re targeting a very specific viewer and speaking to their needs, then presenting a solution and concluding with a ‘call to action’, asking the viewer to take action. With the art of persuasion and rapport, similar to an experienced salesperson, a viewer will ideally feel that the video offered value – and it’s their choice if they respond to the call to action. Taking action: a social like or share, or a purchase, are all common goals for promotional video marketers.

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