About Us

We, Kayla and Eddy are the founders and nurturers of Horticulture Group and Horticulture Clothing. We've come together to create a clothing brand that meets various lifestyles. Our Vision is to provide opportunity of growth. We also provide media services available for you to inquire about on our home website! Services such as, photography services, videography services, In Studio photoshoots, and much more! We have plenty of idea's in mind that we want to share with all of you. We also love to teach and inspire others who are interested in learning more about media.
Our number one goal is to satisfy our customers but also grow and connect with people. Follow our YouTube channel - HRTCLTR TV - Like! comment! share! subscribe! and show some love CLTR GANG! We someday want to be able to provide more than just media services, and clothing, products, etc. We appreciate all the love and support, and are happy to introduce to you HRTCLTR.